How To Measure A Motorcycle Wheel Offset




Straight Edge




Fig 1

Fig 1 has two positive offset's



Fig 2 has one positive and one negative offset

Fig 2



How to calculate a motorcycle wheel offs

Wheel Rim

Hub Edge

Fig 3

Straight Edge

Bearing Housing

Guide To Measuring A Motorcycle Wheel Offset

I am often asked by customers "How do I measure my motorcycle wheel offset before stripping it"? 

So hopefully this section can guide anyone with the same question.

Step 1; Remove the tyre and inner tube, Step 2; Remove the brake shoe plate or disc rotor. Step 3; Find a good straight edge like a steel rule or good quality spirit level etc. Step 4; Lay the straight edge across the outer edge of the brake drum or disc brake face of the hub make sure to avoid the bearing housing as this can be a different height (Fig 3). Step 5; Now measure the gap between the underside of the straight edge and the outer edge of the wheel rim, do this in at least 3 different area's around the rim to get a true average and this is your offset.

In Fig 1 you can see a wheel with two positive offsets so A & B measurements will both be as described above BUT in some circumstances you might have a negative offset as in Fig 2 so this should be noted as minus number i.e. -10mm for instance, this measurement can be obtained by laying your straight edge across both wheel rim outer edges and measuring between the underside of the straight edge and a point on the hub.


If you are bringing me a complete wheel to strip and rebuild I will take all the offset measurements so you don't need to bother.

Some Of The More Popular Motorcycle / Moped

Wheel Rim Profiles & Sizes

Moped Wheel Rim Sizes

Moped Rim Sizes watermarked.png










Motorcycle Chrome & Stainless Steel Rim Sizes

chrome motorcycle wheel rims.png
none valanced alloy motorcycle wheel rim

Motorcycle Non-Valanced Alloy Wheel Rim Sizes

valanced alloy motorcycle wheel rims.png

Motorcycle Valanced Alloy Wheel Rim Sizes

Motorcycle Spoke & Nipple Sizes

Spoke gauges are as follows:


Gauge Diameter

12 = 2.60mm (0.104")
10 = 3.20mm (0.124")
9 = 3.60mm (0.142")
8 = 4.00mm (0.156")
7 = 4.30mm (0.171")
6 = 4.87mm (0.192")
5 = 5.15mm (0.203")
4 = 5.70mm (0.224")

Nipple sizes are as follows:

Barrel Diameter

5.08mm (0.200")
5.75mm (0.225")
6.40mm (0.250")
7.00mm (0.275")
7.60mm (0.300")
8.70mm (0.350")

Motorcycle Tyre To Wheel Rim Size Chart

Listed below are some of the most common tyre size to motorcycle wheel rim size fitments, as you can see some have the standard fitting shown and the other shaded green areas are other possible fitments. This is just to give you an idea of possible fitments as I am often asked about this, please ask your tyre supplier to check your personal requirements as this is a guide only.  

Tyre To Rim Size Guide.jpg