Services I provide are motorcycle wheel building, motorcycle wheel truing, motorcycle wheel hub refurbishment and I can also order all the component parts needed to complete the wheel build from start to finish.

Triumph T150V Front Wheel With Stainless Steel Spokes

Wheel Building

I offer a full and comprehensive motorcycle wheel building service for most classic and modern on and off road motorcycles.

I can strip your old wheel and take all necessary measurements.

If you plan on stripping your own wheels please click the button below first.

Wheel Truing

Motorcycle wheel truing is a necessary process after a wheel has been freshly built.

This ensures the rim is running in the correct position in relation to the wheel hub. 

Motorcycle Wheel Truing

Wheel Hubs

I offer a full hub restoration service including sand blasting, vapour blasting, painting and powder coating.

I can remove and replace wheel bearings and also zinc plate any parts necessary.

Parts Ordering

I can take care of ordering all the parts needed for a wheel build including chrome, alloy & stainless steel rims, galvanised and stainless steel spoke sets also many types of spoke nipples.

I can also source new wheel bearings.